Silverlake HOA Video Security

Houston Fence Company was contacted and subsequently contracted by Silverlake HOA to replace their existing video security system.  They were experiencing problems dropping video and viewing video remotely and after one year of trying to work with existing security contractor to resolve the problem they gave up and had the existing equipment removed.

We Installed camera and video equipment at three gated entrances.  Each entrance was equipped with two high resolution, color, day/night bullet cameras and one license plate recognition camera engineered to capture license plates in any extreme light condition.  Each location was also equipped with an advanced embedded network digital video recorder which was housed in a custom, lockable, “ Cool Box” with built in 800 BTU Thermoelectric air conditioner with digital temperature controller, designed to keep enclosed dvr’s and electronic equipment at our below 80 degrees to ensure optimal performance.  All video is integrated and available for remote viewing and video management over the internet through desktops, laptops or mobile devices.


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