Access Control

Houston Fence Company, licensed by the State of Texas (B16502), not only provides the best custom access control and security systems available, but we also understand the importance of strong customer service. Our technical staff is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (281-499-2516) to ensure that solutions are provided without delay. Our field service personnel are supported by management who are educated on each installation to offer the best maintenance possible.

Our Access Control solutions include:

  • Video Real-time recorded and internet remote viewing
  • Card Access Systems Badging and audit trails, multiple access levels
  • Integrated Security Systems Merging video and card access
  • Parking Control Barrier arms, spikes, ticket dispensers, turnstiles
  • Commercial/Industrial Intrusion Detection Monitored Security Systems
  • Access Systems Gate operators and keypad entry systems
  • Crash Rated Systems Gates, fencing, bollards and cabling
  • Job Site Security Solutions Temporary fence, video, monitored intrusion detection

Our design team stays current with new advances in technology to ensure that the systems recommended utilize the best and most current technology available in the industry.

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With a complete CCTV system, you have the functionality to check on your business or home from anywhere in the world via internet connectivity with a computer or with your smart phone. Simultaneous recording and video playback ensures that you never miss an important event at your facility, even when you review the events already recorded. The technology today will allow you to customize your system to meet the needs of your infrastructure, be it IP or hardwired analog system.

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Card Access Systems

With a Card Access System controlling the gates or doors of community pools or recreation facilities, you will be able to control the days and times that issued access cards are allowed to enter the facilities.

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Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Access

Houston Fence Company offers systems that include elevator control, biometric readers, photo badging, graphic mapping and live notification of current events via email. So whether you’re at the office or out of the office you are kept current on the status of the security of your facility.

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Parking Control

Houston Fence Company offers complete solutions for parking and revenue control that can work independently or can integrate seamlessly with Access Control and other systems required in any medium or large complex.

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Commercial/Industrial Intrusion Detection

Protecting your assets and property are becoming more of a priority. Houston Fence Co. stands ready to help guide you through the process of designing and installing the best system for your facility. With our monitored intrusion detection systems we can help you insure your valuables don’t walk away. These systems can also be integrated with our access control systems and our video systems to give you a more complete security solution.

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Vehicle Access Systems

These gate operators and entry systems allow you access by the use of a hand-held transmitter, telephone entry system, windshield access tag, access code entry, presentation of an access card, or license plate access tag.

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Crash Rated Systems

Crash Resistant fences, gates, barrier arms and bollards provide the ultimate in vehicle impact protection. These systems are used to deter, disable or destroy potential threats by vehicles to personnel and real property.

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Job Site Security

Jobsite Security

Minimize potential loss and increase profitability with a Temporary Jobsite Security Package from Houston Fence Company. This includes Temporary Chain Link Fence, Recorded Security Video, and Monitored Wireless Intrusion Detection

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