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When it comes to protecting your property, ensuring the safety of your loved ones, and enhancing the value of your commercial, there is no better solution than a well-built fence. For over 70 years, Houston Fence Company has been the go-to provider of professional fence installation services in Houston, TX.

Established in 1952, Houston Fence Company has been dedicated to serving the residents of Houston and its surrounding areas with top-notch fencing solutions. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality fencing services that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We don’t just build fences based on functionality, we make sure they provide you with great security, beautiful aesthetics and high privacy. We have been fortifying the commercial properties with the best material, quality craftsmanship and decades of experience. Commercial fences are not just seen as structures anymore, but living breathing elements of your property’s personality.

Commercial Fencing Options

Houston Fence Company offers a wide range of commercial fencing options to meet the needs of businesses, communities, and homeowners. Whether you need a fence for security, privacy, or decoration, we have the perfect solution for you.

Wood Fence houston TX

Wood Fencing:

Wood fencing is one of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial properties due to its natural appearance, versatility, and affordability .


Natural and traditional look, can be painted or stained to match any aesthetic, and provides good privacy.


Requires regular maintenance to prevent rot, insects, and weather damage. Can be more expensive to install and maintain.

Wood fencing is a versatile and attractive option that can suit a wide range of needs. However, its longevity and appearance are directly tied to the level of maintenance it receives. Proper care can ensure that a wood fence remains a beautiful and functional addition to a property for many years.

Iron Gates houston TX

Ornamental Iron Fence:

Ornamental iron fencing, often referred to as wrought iron fencing, is a type of fencing that combines beauty, strength, and durability. It's known for its intricate designs and timeless appeal.


Aesthetic Appeal: Ornamental iron fences add elegance and sophistication to any property. Their intricate designs can elevate the overall look of a landscape.

Security: The strength of iron combined with the fence’s design (often with pointed finials or sharp tops) can deter potential intruders.


Cost: Ornamental iron fencing can be more expensive than other fencing options in terms of materials and installation.

Maintenance: While they are durable, iron fences can rust if their protective coating is compromised. Regular inspections and touch-ups are necessary to maintain their appearance and longevity.

Iron Fence In Huston,TX

Ornamental Aluminum Fence:

Ornamental aluminum fencing is a popular alternative to traditional wrought iron fencing. It offers the elegance and beauty of iron but with distinct advantages in terms of maintenance and versatility.


Low Maintenance: Unlike iron, aluminum doesn’t rust. This makes maintenance much simpler, as there’s no need to check for rust or repaint the fence regularly.

Cost-Effective: Ornamental aluminum fencing tends to be less expensive than wrought iron in terms of material costs and installation.


Strength Limitations: While sturdy, aluminum isn’t as strong as iron or steel. It may not be suitable for high-security applications.

Flexibility: The lightweight nature of aluminum means it can be more susceptible to bending upon strong impacts.

Ornamental aluminum fencing offers a blend of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. It’s an excellent choice for those who want the aesthetic appeal of wrought iron without the associated maintenance challenges and costs.

Sliding gate installation houston tx

Chain Link Fencing:

Chain link fencing is a type of woven fence that is primarily made out of galvanized or coated steel wire. It's one of the most widely used fencing types due to its affordability, durability, and ease of installation.


Cost-effective, durable, and provides good security. It’s also easy to install and maintain.


Not the most aesthetically pleasing option and can be easily climbed if not topped with barbed wire or razor wire.

Chain link fencing is a versatile and practical choice for a wide range of applications. While it may not offer the aesthetic appeal of wood or ornamental fences, its durability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance make it a popular choice for many situations.

Composite Fencing Trex Fence

Composite Fencing (Trex Fence):

Composite fencing, with brands like Trex being among the most recognized, is an innovative fencing solution that combines the best attributes of wood and plastic. It offers a durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood while providing a visually appealing aesthetic.


Made from a blend of wood and plastic, it offers the look of wood without maintenance. Resistant to rot and insects.


It can be more expensive than pure wood fencing.

With brands like Trex leading the way, composite fencing offers a modern, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance alternative to traditional fencing materials. While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, and reduced upkeep make it a compelling choice for many commercial property owners.

Concrete fence houston

Brick Fence:

Brick fencing is a classic and durable option that has been used for centuries to demarcate boundaries, provide security, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties.


Aesthetic Appeal: Brick fences add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property. They can be matched with brick homes or contrasted with homes of different materials for a distinctive look.

Strength and Security: Brick is a robust material, making brick fences an excellent choice for security. They are difficult to breach compared to other fencing materials.


Cost: Brick fencing is generally more expensive than wood, vinyl, or chain-link fencing, both in terms of materials and labor.

Installation Time: Building a brick fence is labor-intensive and time-consuming compared to other types of fences.

Precast concrete fencing

Precast Concrete Fence:

Precast concrete fencing is a type of fencing made from concrete that has been cast into a specific shape or design in a controlled environment before being transported to its installation site. This method contrasts with traditional concrete applications that are poured and cured on-site.


Speedy Installation: Precast panels can be quickly installed, reducing labor costs and installation time compared to traditional poured concrete or other fencing materials.

Low Maintenance: Precast concrete fences require minimal maintenance. They are not susceptible to rot, insect damage, or rust.


Cost: Precast concrete fencing can be more expensive initially than some other fencing materials, especially when considering transportation and installation costs.

Weight: Concrete panels are heavy, requiring specialized equipment for transportation and installation.

Precast concrete fencing offers a durable, secure, and versatile fencing solution. While the initial costs are higher than other materials, precast concrete’s longevity, strength, and low maintenance needs make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee

Best Materials:

Houston Fence Company only uses the highest quality materials for their fences. Whether it's Trex, chain-link, ornamental iron, ornamental aluminum, wood, brick, or precast concrete, you can trust that the materials used are durable, long-lasting, and built to withstand the elements.

Easy Installation:

Houston Fence Company takes pride in our efficient and hassle-free installation process. Our team of skilled professionals will ensure that your fence is installed correctly and within the agreed-upon timeframe. We prioritize your convenience and aim to minimize any disruptions to your daily activities.

Best Durability:

When it comes to durability, Houston Fence Company stands out among its competitors. Our fences are designed to withstand the test of time and provide long-lasting protection for your property. No matter which material you choose, you can trust that it will be built to last.


Houston Fence Company understands affordability is important for commercial or industrial property owners. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Everyone deserves a beautiful, durable fence that fits their budget.

Customer Satisfaction:

At Houston Fence Company, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with their fencing experience, providing excellent customer service and support from the initial consultation to the final installation.

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Houston Fence Company is the local commercial fence company you can depend on to install high-quality, cost-effective fencing solutions. Our team of licensed professional fencing contractors are ready to help you build and design a custom-made commercial fence that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced fencing company to design and install a custom fence that enhances the appearance and security of your commercial property, call us today at 281-499-2516.

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J Mrlz (Juan)J Mrlz (Juan)
00:56 28 Jan 23
Cheryl StephensonCheryl Stephenson
18:31 27 Jun 22
Houston Fence installed a new fence for us in 2021. The harsh heat caused the cement to shift and the gate posts moved, so the gate wouldn't close properly. I called on Friday and they came out on Monday and replaced the posts and a few fence boards. It is all working perfectly. I am very pleased with their quick response and good customer service. I highly recommend them!!
john weatherlyjohn weatherly
20:54 31 May 22
Houston fence came soon after i called and repaired my fence. The team did a great job, hauled away old fence and were very professional. Highly reccomended
Kathryn UhlmanKathryn Uhlman
19:11 01 Apr 22
Cathy AndersonCathy Anderson
17:02 08 Mar 21
Houston Fence Company did a wood fence and come gates for us last week. They did quality work but what impressed me most were that the workers were so kind and respectful. My husband was out of town and it was just me and my toddler and they made every effort to give us space and keep area safe for him. They explained everything they were doing and made my boy laugh. 🙂 Very kind and would use them again!
Sam JSam J
01:50 22 Feb 17
Called on Tuesday after a storm took my fence with it. Salesman showed up on Wednesday. They started work on Friday and finished Saturday. I made three changes to the original order after conflicting information from the HOA and deciding to have some extra fence work done. The job was done fast and as ordered. The workers left the job site clean at the end of Friday and when finished on Saturday. To see so few reviews on Houston Fence Company shows that people usually only write reviews when they are unhappy because Houston Fence Company has been in business for decades and has a great reputation.