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Access Control

Excellent work in a timely manner

We use Houston Fence for our access control and fence replacement needs.  They do excellent work in a timely manner and we’ve always been satisfied with our results using them.

David Pella from First Colony Community Association

Card Access Systems

Features & Benefits:

  • Badging and audit trails, multiple access levels

  • Control the days and times that issued access cards are allowed to enter the facilities

  • Transactions showing dates and times for when cards were used or attempted

  • Determine which cards have accessed homes and facilities and when

  • If cards are attempted during an unauthorized time, the system will remain locked and access denied

  • Gate alarm to monitor entry point

Vehicle Access Systems

Features & Benefits:

  • Manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through gated communities, buildings, or facilities

  • Access by hand-held transmitter, phone entry system, windshield tag, access code, access card, or license plate

  • Determines whether each authorized individual stops to identify himself or can pass through without stopping

  • Visitors must stop to be granted access with proper identification or by calling an authorized individual

  • Different styles of gates: slide, swing, and barrier

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