I wish to commend you all…

Joe and Aeric,
I wish to commend you all for this 2-man crew because of the say-intangibles of their work. That is, HFC installs top-quality fences is a given expectation. Yet Edgar-Jesus set themselves apart by working clean and neat (how I found their site this morning) , safely (well-erected plastic fence-off my pool are) and Edgar has good people-and-customer skills.

For example, the clay dirt/clumps from post holes was collected into the empty cement bags. Instead of leaving upon existing grass which means forever to disappear and will be firstly muck at the first sprinkling. They took care working around Mrs. yates rose bushes. they took all away last night, the old fence materials (instead of leaving maybe for end of today). Edgar speaks very good English which I believe is a Must if HFC makes their installation crew as its onsite interface with me/customers.

Thank you for your crew/gents for DRB.

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