Royal Norwegian Consulate

Houston Fence Company was chosen by the Royal Norwegian Consulate to provide a solution to the entry and exit gates to their parking garage.  The issues they had were two fold, first the noise and vibration caused by their automated, overhead rolling grille proved to be a disruption to those who officed on the floor above and second, the visual look and continuity of the first floor parking garage was sacrificed by the bright aluminum security grill.

After consulting with Houston Fence Company a decision was made to install rolling gates to match the existing security fence.  In addition, Houston Fence recommended the Viking L-3 Gate operators.  These DC operators are much quieter than the conventional AC motors that were used to drive the aluminum gates. The Viking operators also provide battery backup so that security functionality are not compromised during power outages.

Because of space constraints the gates had to be moved, additional fencing was added and the entrances reduced to provide a workable solution.  Once the gates had been moved a small opening was created above the gates that could allow unauthorized access.  This breach point was eliminated by fabricating a custom panel that would be suspended from the parking structure.

Once Houston Fence Company arrived on site there were three critical aspects of the project that had to be met during construction.  The project had to be completed quickly during normal business hours, the site had to be secured every evening prior to close of business and there was to minimal disruption to normal traffic through the parking garage.  With careful preparation, planning and a large contingent of personnel and equipment, Houston Fence Company exceeded the customers’ expectations.

While one crew was preparing the site for install another crew began the removal of the overhead security grills and operators.  After the entry grill was removed another crew began the gate install.    As this was being done the removal began on the exit side.  While this work was being done still another crew began installing the Viking L-3 gate operators.   These crews worked in conjunction with one another until both gates were installed and operational.  Once the gates and operators were in place our licensed access control technicians began integrating all of the access devices that included a telephone entry system, infrared photo beams, loops and loop detectors.


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