Privacy Fence

This type of fence provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, and helps control noise, wind and sunlight. Typical types of privacy fence include:

Specialty Material

Various materials, such as PVC, aluminum or cellular capped vinyl, will provide the privacy expected in various colors and textures while extending the life and minimizing maintenance. Depending on the product chosen the warranties can range from 20 years to a lifetime. Although a larger initial investment is required, the long term cost over the lifetime of the fence is far less than the traditional options.


The most common and cost effective type of privacy fence. Wood fences can be stained to enhance their natural beauty and extend the life of the fence.


The Single Wythe Brick Perimeter Wall has become a symbol of high end residential communities. It is a long term solution for a beautiful perimeter wall that outlasts most traditional fencing used in the past. Even though Brick Walls have long been considered a preferred perimeter wall, in the past they were not cost efficient or practical for our Houston soils. The new Single Wythe Brick Wall does not need a traditional concrete foundation which makes it much more cost efficient while maintaining the traditional beauty of brick. Whether you need an entire brick perimeter fence or a few decorative columns, at the entrance of your community, Houston Fence Company is ready to exceed your expectations.

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