Crash Rated Systems

Crash Related Systems

Crash Resistant fences, gates, barrier arms and bollards provide the ultimate in vehicle impact protection. These systems are used to deter, disable or destroy potential threats by vehicles to personnel and real property.

Crash resistant systems can be as simple as a standalone vehicle barrier located at the entrance of a facility or as complex as a combination of products integrated together to encompass the entire perimeter of the facility. Their purpose is to prevent unrestricted vehicle access and to thwart any attempt to use a vehicle to breach the perimeter security. These barriers differ from conventional access restriction gates (such as used in parking garages) in that they will stop and destroy most any vehicle that attempts to breach the barrier, including an explosive-laden truck traveling at high speed. Houston Fence Company and its partners will inform you on the latest technologies and offer consultation allowing you select the best solution for your security needs and budget.

There are two forms of crash resistant vehicle barriers:

  • Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) Typically employed in active vehicle entrances and sally ports. These devices are incorporated into or work in conjunction with vehicle gates. These bollards, wedges or barrier arms operate hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically or manually. In their closed position they block the roadway, enabling security personnel to examine the vehicle and passengers before granting access. In their open position they allow vehicles to pass through unrestricted.
  • Passive Vehicle Barrier (PVB) Utilized for perimeter fence lines, permanently or temporarily closed gate openings. These fixed objects consist of cable-type barriers, static bollards, concrete barriers, walls, trenches etc.

The threat of terrorism has greatly increased the importance of physical security. Now more than ever it is imperative that government, military, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other such critical infrastructures take necessary steps to deter a vehicle threat. Houston Fence Company is prepared to assist you in these efforts. Call today for a consultation analyzing your unique situation and the solutions available.

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