With a complete CCTV system, you have the functionality to check on your business or home from anywhere in the world via internet connectivity with a computer or with your smart phone. Simultaneous recording and video playback ensures that you never miss an important event at your facility, even when you review the events already recorded. The technology today will allow you to customize your system to meet the needs of your infrastructure, be it IP or hardwired analog system.

With today’s concerns, it’s important to have plenty of choices when selecting a surveillance system. Houston Fence Company offers a wide range of custom designed systems which will meet your needs and budget, including:

  • IP Cameras Use your existing network to minimize installation costs.
  • Wireless Cameras Monitor locations cable can’t reach.
  • Surveillance Systems Monitor single or multiple sites from central or multiple locations.
  • Digital Video Recorders Record, review and store video digitally; video is watermarked so it’s admissible as evidence.
  • Discrete/Covert Cameras Concealed Cameras.
  • Automated Video Systems Use “SMART” software modules to create virtual perimeters, provide motion tracking and determine threats based upon behavior patterns.
  • Virtual Matrix Solutions Use your network to view, record and control your video from anywhere on your network or the internet.
  • Mega-Pixel IP Cameras Megapixel IP Cameras are suitable in really demanding situations where you need to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. This could be point-of-sales (POS) monitoring where it is necessary to clearly see every item a customer is purchasing or situations where you need to be able to identify a face. Casino surveillance and license plate recognition are also applicable. Highly detailed images can be achieved by installing a network camera with a telescopic lens or a lens with zoom capability to allow a closer view of the area of interest. Using a Megapixel IP Camera in all such cases will provide even higher resolution images with more details than a non-megapixel network camera.
  • Megapixel IP Cameras vs. Analog HD and CCTV Cameras An analog HD CCTV camera is a type of megapixel camera. All HD cameras are megapixel but not all megapixel cameras are HD. All megapixel cameras (including HD) have 1,000,000 or more pixels, while analog cameras have no more than 400,000 pixels. One of the major benefits that network video brings to the video surveillance market is the ability to move beyond the traditional PAL/NTSC resolution and frame rate limitations and experience high-resolution video with enhanced image detail. Even a 1 megapixel network camera offers a resolution that is at least three times better than an analog CCTV camera, and there are network cameras that offer as much as 8 megapixel resolution – and higher.

The Houston Fence Company Difference

Houston Fence Company’s team of highly skilled professionals will take the time to research each facility to integrate the appropriate products and software in order to create the right solution for you. Your Video Surveillance system will be tailored to your needs and budget, with high-quality products, outstanding service, and attention to detail you just won’t get anywhere else. Houston Fence Company works closely with the leading suppliers of video surveillance equipment in North America to ensure that the equipment installed at your site is the best in the industry.

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