Vehicle Access Systems

Gate operators and entry systems allow access by the use of a hand-held transmitter, telephone entry system, windshield access tag, access code entry, presentation of an access card, or license plate access tag.

The design of the vehicle access system determines whether each authorized individual stops to identify himself or can pass through without stopping. Visitors must stop to be granted access with proper identification or by calling an individual that has authorization to grant access. Any or all of these systems can be integrated with our complete line of gate operators. Houston Fence Company services and installs all major brands (Viking, Chamberlain, Elite, LiftMaster) and our expert staff will guide you through the design process so that you get the most value and dependability for your project.

We offer different styles of gates and gate operators: slide, swing, and barrier. All three styles keep the vehicle outside the facility until the telephone entry system, access control system, or guard permits entrance. Our residential gate access systems are designed for single-family homes and normal traffic applications. Slide and swing gate operators offer the choice of AC or DC powered models with battery run and solar panel options. Our line of commercial swing, slide, and barrier gate operators continue to be the industry’s benchmark for reliability, safety, and security. Special features such as synchronized operation of barrier gate operators with slide or swing gates provide the highest level of security, anti-tailgating functionality, and smooth traffic control. Our heavy-duty slide, swing, and barrier gate operators are designed for applications requiring continuous operation, high security, and gate applications weighing up to 5,000 pounds.

Vehicle access systems designed by Houston Fence Company help manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through gated communities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, and apartment and condominium buildings. Vehicle access systems, coupled with our Integrated Security Systems, can be designed and tailored to fit any security or perimeter protection situation.

Houston Fence Company stands ready with factory trained and authorized technicians to service our customer needs. Our staff strives everyday to bring superior customer service and value based solutions to our clients. No project is too large or too small. With our vast experience we can work with you to satisfy all of your project goals.

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