Parking Control

Houston Fence Company offers complete solutions for parking and revenue control that can work independently or can integrate seamlessly with Access Control and other systems required in any medium or large complex.

At Houston Fence Company, we plan and implement parking and revenue control systems with a comprehensive approach to systems integration that meets the unique needs of your organization. From standalone systems to integrated “Auto-Pay” systems, we can provide the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution incorporating many of the key components described below:

  • Traffic Spikes The key to a system using traffic spikes is for the tire spikes to prevent access in one direction while allowing access in the opposite direction. This product can be used as a free exit or entrance to your parking facility.
  • Barrier Arms Located at the entrance and exits, these high speed barrier arms are equipped with automatic control logic and loop detectors. Whether they are used for fee based or non revenue facility and employee parking these barrier arms can be equipped with proximity card readers, EZ Tag readers, intercoms, telephone entry systems, keypads or simple one button transmitters.
  • Attended Pay in Lane Equipment usually include ticket issuing machines at the entrance and parking fee computers at the exit. The calculated parking fee is displayed to the cashier and to the customer with the details of the transaction being recorded and used for revenue and statistical reports. A machine readable system encodes the time and date on the ticket when it’s issued and the ticket is automatically read at the exit.
  • Unattended Pay in Lane Equipment Similar to the attended version except that the exit device processes the fee automatically and displays it on the LCD window. A number of payment options are available with easy to find graphics. Change is issued in coins and a receipt is either provided on demand or can be programmed to issue automatically.
  • Pay on Foot Stations These devices allow for the parking fee to be calculated at a centrally located machine which then returns the re-encoded parking ticket to the customer to be used as an exit pass at an unattended exit gate. Parking fees can be satisfied by bills, coins, credit cards, vouchers (payment by another party), or debit cards.
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