Job Site Security

Jobsite Security

Minimize potential loss and increase profitability with a Temporary Job Site Security Package from Houston Fence Company. The package includes:

  • Temporary Chain Link secure the perimeter of your project and interior lay down yards.
  • Recorded Security Video view live video from your job trailer or anywhere you have internet access from your computer or smart phone (high-speed internet connection required). Video is also captured and stored on a DVR so you can review any past events that are store on the hard drive. Video is a great tool to manage liability and safety on your site.
  • Monitored Wireless Intrusion Detection gives you the ability to know if there is an after hour event or breach of your secured areas. We incorporate motion detection and door contacts on job trailers and storage units with strobes and sirens to deter thieves from stealing. Our monitoring facility can notify the police or an authorized company representative to unauthorized activity 24 hours a day. We can also send out email messages to a variety of recipients.

With a Temporary Job Site Security Package from Houston Fence Company, you can rest assured you have taken active measures to secure your job site!
Houston Fence Company also provides a complete line of permanent site solutions for integrated access control, video and intrusion detection for all of your projects large or small.

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