Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Access

Houston Fence Company offers systems that include elevator control, biometric readers, photo badging, graphic mapping and live notification of current events via email. So whether you’re at the office or out of the office you are kept current on the status of the security of your facility.

In today’s security conscious environment we know that the security of your facility and the safety of your employees and guests are a priority; therefore, Houston Fence Company stands ready with a staff of professionals to guide you through the process of design, installation and service of your facility’s project.

The operating software packages available today allow integration of card access and CCTV systems to provide more complete information. With audit trails and video clips from your CCTV system, this security system gives you a complete picture of incidents and events.

True intrusion detection and fence protection are made possible through today’s technological advances integrated with your CCTV system.

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